Comprehensive ADHD Evaluation

Some neurobiological and psychological disabilities are due to medical or psychiatric issues. Dr. Learsy offers developmental-behavioral pediatric evaluations and Dr. Reiss offers psychological and neuropsychological evaluations to determine the root cause of a child’s behavioral issues, and define the child's cognitive functioning profile. 

What tests are used to diagnose ADHD?

To test for ADHD, Child’s Best utilizes continuous performance testing and assessing executive functioning.  Areas assessed within the Comprehensive ADHD evaluation include:

  • Cognitive Functioning

  • Processing speed,

  • Working memory,

  • Executive functioning skills (e.g. various types of attention, planning and organization, working memory, self-monitoring, flexibility, task initiation, emotional control)

  • Shifting attention, and sustained/focused attention.

Child’s Best utilizes standardized tests, questionnaires completed by parents and teachers, and interviews significant people in the child’s life to provide an accurate diagnosis.

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