Comprehensive Autism Evaluation 

It is estimated that 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Dr. Learsy provides expert evaluation and consultation to help families help their children. Appointments are available at her practice, Child’s Best, located in Murray Hill, Manhattan.

What is involved in an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) evaluation?

We conduct thorough Autism evaluations using the “gold-standard” of standardized evaluation tools. The Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician and Child Psychologist work together to evaluate your child, employing a range of evaluation tools that will assess cognitive functioning, behavior, play, and social-emotional functioning. A physical exam and neurological exam will also be conducted. During and after the evaluation, the doctors formulate and conduct any necessary research. Then, they write a thorough report explaining the child’s strengths and weaknesses, a thorough explanation of the diagnosis, and recommendations and strategies that will support the child’s development in all areas of life; the home, school, and community. 

Assessment for ASD can also be completed as part of our Developmental-Behavioral evaluation or can be pursued through this more targeted evaluation.

What treatments are available for children with autism?

The treatment for each child is unique and customized to address his or her specific needs. Autism spectrum disorder can be managed with a combination of therapy both behavioral and occupational and, when needed, medication. Many children benefit from special accommodations in school settings to help them focus and improve learning and cognition. Counseling can also help by resolving feelings of failure and other emotional issues. Some children benefit from dietary changes and supplements. Dr. Learsy and Dr. Reiss have significant experience in helping children and will provide advice and support tailored to address the needs of your child.

This is a more targeted assessment to focus on concerns related to Autism Spectrum Disorder.  For more in-depth of understanding of your child's underlying strengths & weakness, parents can choose to pursue one of our comprehensive assessments, such as Developmental Behavioral Evaluation, Comprehensive Neuropsychological Evaluation or Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation.

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