Child's Best Difference

Dr. Learsy and Dr. Reiss started the Child’s Best practice because they are passionate about helping families accurately identify the challenges faced by their children and provide guidance to effectively address those concerns. Too often, families struggle with misdiagnosis of their children’s developmental and behavioral issues due to a lack of time and attention, which is endemic in modern healthcare. Dr. Learsy and Dr. Reiss chose to take a different approach in their practice, spending significant amounts of time with children and their families, leading towards accurate diagnosis and recommendations for successful treatment.

Dr. Learsy and Dr. Reiss take on fewer patients than other mental health organizations. This means they have more time for you. During your initial intake appointment, you will spend time with the doctors who will ask questions and formulate an action plan for next steps; whether it be an evaluation, therapy, or consultation. Following on from this initial intake the doctors will conduct a developmental intake where an in-depth review of your child’s development is discussed ranging from birth through their current level of education. If needed, and if you consent, the doctors will interview not only you and your child, but will also speak to teachers and other doctors and therapists to gather a full picture of your child’s developmental progress. If an evaluation is appropriate to meet your needs, the doctors will administer a variety of gold-standard, research-based assessments as well as conduct a medical examination and a developmental-behavioral/psychiatric interview with your child. The evaluation occurs both within the office under standardized, maximal conditions, and outside of the office in an appropriate “real-world” situation in order to understand your child’s abilities in everyday life. This allows the doctors to understand your child’s functioning in multiple environments.

After testing and observation of your child, the doctors formulate together and create a management plan that is tailored to your family, your child’s school, and your child. These tailored recommendations are specific to your child’s strengths and challenges, and the doctors will find resources within your own community to support you. Throughout all of this, the doctors at Child’s Best are accessible between visits for your phone calls and emails. When you have a concern, you call them directly, and can expect to get a personal reply to your questions and concerns in a timely manner. If you want to be seen on a more urgent basis, they are able to schedule you within a day or two. You will not find this level of attention with other developmental or behavioral health groups. At no point with the observation or assessment of your child be delegated to an intern or supervisee.

Child’s Best is a very private office. You can do this privately, and if you want, you can share information in order to get services. When you have an appointment, no other patients will be in the office. The office is specially designed to be sensory sensitive and child-friendly. When you visit, the office is kept private for each patient, so that you feel comfortable and at-home.

Dr. Learsy and Dr. Reiss are committed to the ongoing health and wellbeing of their patients. They provide check-ups on their recommendations. They set goals for the recommendations and interventions and monitor your child’s progress in order to ensure that the recommendations are working. They will make adjustments to the recommendations if your child is making progress or if your child needs a little extra support. The doctors’ help you advocate for your child. They help you with the special education process, teach you how to write letters to call an IEP meeting, and a doctor is available to participate in IEP meetings if needed.

The services provided here are an investment your child’s and family’s future. The recommendations are substantive and can make a real difference to your child’s development and your family’s well-being.


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