Consultation For IEP Meeting

Navigating the special education system (CSE), whether it be Early Intervention (EI), Committee on Preschool Education (CPSE), or CSE, along with establishing and maintaining your child's individualized education plan (IEP), can be extremely challenging and time-consuming. We will assist you with issues related to your child’s educational planning. We developed this specialized IEP Preparation Consultation in order to help families understand the system, inform families about the services that are available for their child and how to qualify for the services, and how to advocate for your child. This 60-90 minute consultation session involves meeting with an experienced doctor to:

  • Discuss any concerns regarding your child's experience at school, or on the bus ride to school

  • Review your child's current IEP

  • Review the most recent assessments your child has received

  • Discuss progress made during the current school year

  • Discuss any gaps that may not be addressed by current educational services

  • Discuss if your child is receiving the appropriate services for the appropriate amount of time(s)

  • Discuss individualized goals for your child's education

  • Consider the appropriateness of your child's participation in his/her IEP meeting

  • Establish ways to coordinate services across school and community

  • Organize materials and prepare for the meeting itself

Based on your need, one of the doctors can attend the meeting with you. The goals of this service are to help you understand the department of education, your legal rights, the services available, and to prepare you so that you can advocate for your child. This will facilitate your ability to ascertain the services your child requires to access his/her education.

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