Consultation Specialist

At Child’s Best Dr. Learsy and Dr. Reiss provide consultation services to parents and families. The goal of the consultation services is to inform families about evidence-based treatments, strategies, resources, and recommendations that will improve the current problem or situation. We provide information and strategies that empower families to address their child’s strengths and weaknesses and provide recommendations to support the child and strategies for the next steps.

We work with families and children to develop an integrated treatment plan that may include comprehensive evaluation, psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, a family plan, a school plan, and complementary medicine. If needed, we will consult with your child’s school or any other provider with your consent, to gain more information about your child and provide a consistency treatment plan for the school, home, outside world. We will monitor progress throughout treatment to assess the effectiveness of the recommendations and make accommodations as needed. Our aim is to empower families to address and manage their concerns.

The comprehensive consultation can be scheduled after parent/guardians have met with the doctors for an intake session.  The comprehensive consultation is a one to two hour meeting where the doctors interact with and observe your child and speak further with you.  Feedback and recommendations for supporting your child and possible next steps are given at the meeting and a written follow up letter.  Next steps will vary depending upon the needs of your child and your family. 

What do we provide consultation for?

  •  Challenging behaviors at home and school

    ·         Treatment planning

    ·         Family conflict

    ·         Effective communication with the child

    ·         Divorce

    ·         How to plan for major changes and transitions

    ·         Information regarding diagnoses and treatment options

    ·         Parent-child conflict

    ·         Attachment Issues

    ·         Educational placement

    ·         Navigating Special Education and Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)


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