Developmental-Behavioral Pediatric Evaluation Specialist

Dr. Learsy offers developmental-behavioral pediatric evaluations to determine the root cause of a child’s behavioral issues. Parents who would like a thorough assessment of their child can make an appointment at her practice, located on East 38th Street, in New York, New York.

What is Child’s Best’s Developmental-Behavioral Evaluation?

In Child’s Best the Developmental-Behavioral Evaluation is performed by Developmental-Behavioral Pediatric specialist in collaboration with child Psychologist. This evaluation is performed on the kids who aren’t developing, learning, or behaving the way their peers are. The evaluation assesses how your child has functioned in all of the child's environments, especially the family and school. The evaluation considers a child's functioning in a medical, psychiatric, psychological, developmental, and biosocial framework.

This evaluation can examine your child with various developmental condition including:

·         Developmental Delay in speech, language or motor skills

·         Developmental disabilities

·         Behavioral issues in school or social situations

·         Daily life challenges such as eating, sleeping, toilet training

·         Learning disabilities

·         ADHD/Anxiety


The Evaluation Process Includes:

·       Taking a detailed history of your child

·         Parental Interview

·         Developmental Testing

·         Medical exam

·         Observing and talking to your child

·         Asking how your child acts in a variety of settings

·         Corresponding with school teahers/day care if needed

·         Feedback session 

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