Developmental-Behavioral Pediatric Evaluation Specialist

Dr. Learsy offers developmental-behavioral pediatric evaluations to determine the root cause of a child’s behavioral issues. Parents who would like a thorough assessment of their child can make an appointment at her practice, located on East 38th Street, in New York, New York.

What is Child’s Best’s Developmental-Behavioral Evaluation?

This evaluation can assess your child regarding various developmental concerns including  It looks at how a child functions across all their environments, particularly with the family and in school.   As our most comprehensive assessment, it examines a child’s functioning in a multifaceted perspective, including medical, psychiatric, psychological, developmental and biosocial frameworks.At Child’s Best the Developmental Behavioral evaluation is performed by the Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician in collaboration with a Child Psychologist.  

·         Autism Spectrum Disorder

·         Developmental delay in speech, language, or motor skills

·         Developmental disabilities

·         Behavioral Issues in school or social situations

·         Daily life challenges such as eating, sleeping, toilet training

·         Learning Disabilities

·         ADHD-Anxiety

The Evaluation Process Includes:

·       Taking a detailed history of your child

·         Parental Interview

·  Developmental Testing (i.e. assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder, Adaptive functioning)

·  Neuropsychological Testing (e.g. assessment of cognitive functioning, language functioning, visual-motor functioning, executive functioning skills, memory and learning)

·         Educational Testing

·         Psychological Testing

·         Medical Exam

·         In officer observation of and interaction with your child

·         Community based observation with you and your child (i.e. observing your child during a meal or at the park)

·         Correspondence with school/teachers as necessary and with consent

·         School Observation (included as part of evaluation if school within 30 minutes of office; travel time for schools further than 30 minutes away billed at hourly rate)

·         Referral for genetic testing as needed

·         Multiple Feedback sessions

·         Quarterly support to the family for one year

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