Functional Behavioral Analysis Specialist

Dr. Learsy and Dr. Reiss at Child’s Best, located in New York, New York provide school observations with functional behavioral analysis for their patients. This technique can help to identify environmental factors that can be adjusted to help improve problem behaviors.

What happens during an FBA?

The first step in a FBA is to identify and agree on the behavior that needs to change. Then the child is observed to determine where the behaviors do and do not occur. For example, Dr. Learsy and Dr. Reiss may consider what is unique about the situations where the behaviors take place or do not take place. She will also look for a specific set of circumstances or settings which lead to the behavior. This could include the time of day, the kind of work the child is supposed to be completing, the number of other students, or external factors like disagreements in the hallway, lunchroom, or at home. Details will be collected from other sources like the teacher, parents, and conversations with the child. The next step will be the formation of a hypothesis about contributing factors to the problem behavior. Changes will be made to adjust the child’s environment or other potential contributing factors, and the child will be taught other more positive behaviors to test the theory. Observation of the child will continue to gauge the success of the environmental changes in improving behavior.

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