Our process starts with meeting with parents/guardian to gather information concerning the child. Doctors will collect information about the developmental history and current issues to determine how we can best meet your family’s need. From there we have variety of services available we will be able to make recommendations for going forward upon initial appointment. Parents are the greatest advocate for their children, this parent only meeting is essential for helping us to begin to understand the needs of the child and the family.

During the intake you can expect the doctors to ask you about:

·         Concerns about current situation

·         History of the problem

·         Developmental history of the child

·         Current and past educational and medical history

·         Any other information you feel will be important for the doctors to know to better understand your child.

Following intake appointment, parents will receive a letter of service with recommendations for the next steps. Families can choose to pursue recommended service at Child’s Best or use recommendation as a guide for supporting their child with whichever provider is best for your family.

      The recommended services may include:

·         Comprehensive Consultation

·         Comprehensive Developmental-Behavioral Evaluation

·         Comprehensive Autism Evaluation

·         Comprehensive Neuropsychological Evaluation

·         Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation

·         Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation

·         Comprehensive ADHD Evaluation

·         Individual Therapy

·         Medication Management

·         Or  any other services that would be beneficial for the child 

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