Comprehensive Learning Disability Evaluation

Students face many challenges at school, and this can develop into problems with behavior or learning. We conduct comprehensive cognitive, achievement and neuropsychological testing to clarify if your child is experiencing a specific learning disability and identify their unique patterns of strengths and challenges in order to identify the most effective interventions and appropriate school environment.

Areas Assessed include:

·         Cognitive Functioning

·         Academic Functioning

What is Achievement testing?

Achievement testing is a test of developed skills or knowledge. The most common type of achievement test is a standardized tests developed to measure skills and knowledge learned in a given grade level, usually through planned instruction, such as training or classroom instruction. This provides information regarding at what grade level your child is functioning.

What is Cognitive testing?

Cognitive evaluation provides information regarding a child’s intellectual functioning and cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Cognitive testing will inform how a child learns and what kinds of educational practices will facilitate your child’s learning.

For more in-depth of understanding of your child's underlying strengths & weakness, parents can choose to pursue one of our comprehensive assessment such as Neuropsychological Evaluation or Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation.

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