Medication Management Specialist

Medication is sometimes an important component of psychiatric treatment. Dr. Learsy monitors the medications and supplements taken by her clients at the Child’s Best practice located on East 38th Street in the Murray Hill neighborhood of New York City, NY. It is important that the medication is appropriate to the diagnosis and lifestyle, and that side-effects are reduced to the minimum.

What is medication management?

Medication management, also referred to as Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a part of a treatment plan to ensure that a patient is taking the right medication, at the right dose, for optimal effect, as well as monitoring for harmful drug interactions, and making sure the patient and his or her family understand the importance of the medication in the overall treatment plan. Many developmental disorders demand a standard of care that is particular to your child's diagnosis. We here at Child's Best understand the special attention that is needed and the unexpected roadblocks that can be encountered when trying to receive the care needed for your child. Medication management is done with the best outcomes in mind, and we make sure that the family is fully in agreement and has been fully advised so that they have a deep knowledge of medication outcomes before starting a medication trial.

Why is medication management important?

Prescribed medication can be an essential role in the treatment of mental health disorders. Medication can reduce symptoms, help to modify behaviors and prevent relapses. When Dr. Learsy begins medical treatment, the dosage may need to be adjusted to find the best outcome, so she will monitor the child’s behaviors and presentation to ensure the correct dosage is prescribed. She will ask the parents for support to make sure the medication is taken on time and for feedback on their impressions of the child’s response. If the child’s response to medication is not as expected, the doctor will make adjustments to the prescription. For effective MTM, Dr. Learsy will also need to know about any other medications or supplements the child takes to make sure that there are no harmful side effects from drug interactions. Most prescriptions need to be taken at specific times of day to maximize the effectiveness, and the parents and families of Dr. Learsy’s patients need to understand the importance of the prescription.

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