Mindful Parenting Group

Age- 3 to 6 years

Mindful Parenting group is for parents who wish to gain a deeper connection with their child and wish to meet other like-minded parents as well. By using the many free cultural events, activities and playgrounds available in New York City we can help encourage our children to expand their perspectives and knowledge about the world and at the same time allow us, as parents, to learn how to keep feeding their growing minds. 

Playdates are designed so that each activity presents exercises that teach lessons that carry over to other activities that parent and child do together. Each activity provides an experience for you to guide your child’s ability to regulate their behavior and develop meaningful relationships while creating fun and loving memories between you and your child. At the end of the playdates, parents will be able to guide their child’s exploration of the meaning of actions and the emotions of others which helps the child find meaning in experiences. These activities will allow you to enjoy your child and have fun. Share your enthusiasm with your child, while fostering their ability to enjoy the world around them.

Make the Connection!

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