Our Approach

At Child’s Best we believe in using our slow medicine approach to take our time to carefully get to know your child and understand their development in depth. Therefore our evaluations take place in our sensory friendly office over the course of two days and with your consent, we interview any teachers, nannies, therapists, or service providers in order to gain a deeper understanding of your child across many environments. . In addition we conduct an observation in the community (such as at a local park) with you and your child. This allows us to get to know your family, your child’s cognitive strengths and challenges, your child’s personality and social-emotional functioning and the demands of different environments within which your child is expected to function Another benefit of having a two-day evaluation is that we can observe consistency in behavior and determine if something else may be influencing your child’s behavior. This method of slow medicine provides us with the time to change course and assess other hypotheses, if necessary.

The process of having your child undergo an evaluation can be stressful for parents and even scary at times. At Child’s Best we aim to de-stress and demystify this experience. This begins with providing a comfortable and private setting for the evaluation. During the evaluation, you will have the Child's Best office to yourself. No other patients are scheduled during your days. You have full access to the office and all doors are left open, allowing your child to move around as he/she needs. To help you better understand the evaluation process, we explain what tests we are administering, what we are looking for, how your child is performing, and provide modeling and ideas for interventions as the evaluation is conducted. Following the completion of the comprehensive evaluation, we conduct research in order to determine the most appropriate interventions to support your child at school and home, as well as any medical recommendations. At Child's Best, we conduct several feedback sessions in order to ensure that you understand the diagnosis, the interventions and recommendations, next steps, and how to advocate for their child. You will learn how you, your child, and your family can better manage day-to- day life.

At Child’s Best we understand that the completion of the evaluation is just the beginning of your family’s journey and Child’s Best becomes a medical home for you and your child where you can receive continued support to help your family create sustainable, positive change. If any treatments or therapies are recommended, Child's Best can provide the therapies or Child's Best will find referrals that are near your home and interview the referrals to ensure a good match between you and the provider. After that, Child's Best provides quarterly monitoring for one year on the recommendations they provide. Child's Best will help you with the next steps after the evaluation. This can involve, for example, calling a meeting with your school to acquire services for your child, participating in any school meetings to explain the report, and discussing (with your consent) the results with other doctors, institutions, or service providers.

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